Alex Murdaugh’s Very Own Defense Witness Referred To As Him A “jackass” And A “very Cunning” Liar From The Stand

Alex Murdaugh listens to testimony on Wednesday. Grace Beahm Alford/The Post And Courier thru AP, Pool

Late on the night time of June 7, 2021, Mark Ball saw some thing that made his blood boil.

An attorney and longtime accomplice of Alex Murdaugh, Ball had arrived at his friend’s rural hunting property in South Carolina’s Lowcountry location after being notified that Alex’s spouse, Maggie, and son, Paul, had been shot useless.

The information turned into devastating. Ball had known the Murdaughs for many years, having labored with Alex at their regulation organization for extra than 20 years. Ball continually determined Paul to be an excellent youngster who might drop the whole thing to help him on his property.

But as Ball made his way onto the Murdaugh property just before eleven p.m. — around hours on from while officers now consider the pair have been shot — he changed into bowled over at how lax government have been in maintaining what become now an active crime scene. No limitations were erected to save you automobiles like his from arriving, and many more motors persisted to expose up even after Ball cautioned they erect a roadblock.

“People simply saved piling in. Just more and more human beings kept displaying up,” Ball testified in court docket on Wednesday.

Ball said he also watched as investigators walked everywhere in the region near the belongings’s canine kennels where Maggie and Paul were murdered, such as in the space among the two our bodies. Soon, the damp mist and fog gave manner to rain, with water draining off the kennels’ roof and onto what remained of Paul’s frame.

“It’s a criminal offense scene. You don’t want water dripping everywhere in the region,” Ball stated. “But extra importantly, I thought it changed into pretty disrespectful. Paul was an amazing younger guy.”

“Quite frankly,” he said, “it simply pissed me off.”

Defense lawyers known as Ball to testify on Wednesday at Alex Murdaugh’s trial over the murders of his wife and son in a bid to spotlight what they’ve stated become a sloppy response through government in investigating and maintaining the initial crime scene. Ball described in detail how authorities made ostensibly no effort to save you greater than a dozen humans, which includes Alex’s buddies and colleagues, from coming onto the property and cleansing up the principle residence — probably even annoying proof.

Ball’s testimony also helped solution one of the mysteries raised earlier this month by means of the Murdaugh circle of relatives housekeeper, who stated it turned into peculiar that after she arrived tomorrow at Alex’s request, she found the preceding night time’s dinner saved well inside the fridge and not left for her to place away, which she stated turned into unusual. Ball stated Wednesday that he and his colleagues had been those to smooth up the meal.

Returning to the residence later the following morning, Ball said he found bits of birdshot and buckshot nonetheless in and across the kennels (government had informed him they’d accrued all the evidence they required). He additionally made the horrific discovery of a baseball-sized piece of Paul’s cranium that had no longer been accumulated.

“It just infuriated me that this young guy have been murdered and there were still his remains there,” Ball said. “There was a massive blood spot and tissue right off of the apron of that area right outdoor the feed room. It’s sort of like walking throughout a grave. It’s one of those things you simply don’t do.”

But if defense attorneys have been hoping Ball’s testimony could most effective help their case, it quickly became clear that he became now not a friend of Alex Murdaugh.

Like others who worked with Alex, Ball described his surprise and horror at being deceived by way of someone he trusted over years of alleged thefts. Alex, he advised the jury, changed into not someone to be trusted.

“He effortlessly and without difficulty lied to you for years, and you didn’t are aware of it?” prosecutor Creighton Waters requested him

“Didn’t comprehend it, and didn’t capture it,” Ball stated. “The way he changed into doing it turned into very, very foxy.”

Mark Ball, a former colleague of Alex Murdaugh’s, testifies all through the trial on Wednesday. Joshua Boucher/The State via AP, Pool

In a recorded interview after his alleged botched try to have himself killed after Maggie and Paul’s deaths, Alex told investigators that for you to fund an addiction to painkillers that now and again fee him as a great deal as $50,000 according to week, he routinely used the “sick-gotten gains” that he’d stolen from his regulation firm partners and his own customers, a number of whom had misplaced loved ones in injuries or been left significantly injured.

Ball testified that inside the period when you consider that September 2021, when he and his companions pressured Alex out of the organization upon discovering his alleged thefts, they’ve had to pay as tons $eleven million returned to customers who Alex stole from. Ball spent three decades running on the organization — his whole felony profession — and Alex’s thefts ruined their complete popularity, forcing them to basically start again.

“I’m mad as hell,” Ball told the jury. “You simply don’t recognise how mad I am.”

More than something, Ball said he turned into blindsided — not best learning of Alex’s drug use and thefts, but also at discovering that his former buddy and colleague have been so skilled at residing a lie.

“He turned into quite desirable at hiding who he genuinely become, wasn’t he?” asked Waters.

During his testimony, Ball made clear to the jury that he changed into not pronouncing that he believed Alex changed into a murderer due to his lies or thefts. But Ball’s evidence, even as rather crucial of the nation investigators who processed the crime scene, may want to nevertheless show immensely unfavorable to Alex with the jury.

Prosecutors have painted him as a professional liar who’s adept at studying humans, alleging that he determined to kill his spouse and son to reason a distraction and engender sympathy as soon as another law company colleague advised him they believed Alex had stolen nearly $800,000. That war of words passed off on the morning of the murders.

Prosecutors say that not like previous incidents in which Murdaugh’s shaky budget had almost been located out, he lacked the to be had cash to right away repay the cash and excuse it away. In the beyond, Alex had allegedly cashed exams that weren’t for him, then pretended it have been in error. Ball stated Alex turned into also the usage of the corporation credit score card to pay for personal expenses, together with lessons costs for his sons.

“He simply wasn’t a very good rule-follower at all,” Ball said.

Ball testified that Alex did obtain sympathy and persistence following the killings. In the immediate aftermath, as the entire regulation corporation rallied to his facet, humans made a conscious effort to overlook approximately the missing cash, as a minimum quickly. “The guy simply lost his spouse and toddler. There’s no manner we’re going to be merciless,” Ball stated. “We’ll get again to it later. And we did.”

“Everything stopped. The whole world did,” he said.

Ball also described the climate of fear that gripped the law organization after the murders. With an unknown assailant nevertheless at massive, companions had been worried for the safety of their more or less 3 dozen employees. Senior body of workers have been calling customers to look if they might have thoughts approximately who might need to hurt the Murdaughs or other regulation firm figures. Yet Alex regarded to make no such inquiries. Ball stated he in no way heard Alex express any issue approximately the safety of himself or his surviving son, Buster, despite the fact that the killer ostensibly remained on the free.

Alex’s tale approximately what he did that night additionally modified, Ball stated. In a few versions of the story, he checked Maggie’s body for signs and symptoms of life upon coming across the pair after 10 p.m. In another version, he checked Paul’s frame first. Ball stated he didn’t put too much stock in the discrepancies, believing that trauma can be in charge.

Yet Alex became regular in one element of his story. Ball said Alex advised him 3 instances that he had not been on the kennels inside the immediate period before the pair were killed. Instead, he said he wakened from a put up-dinner nap at the main house, then left to go to his mother whilst he couldn’t make contact with the pair.

But that turned into no longer straightforward. Ball became the ultra-modern witness to country that he too may want to hear Alex’s voice inside the history of a video Paul had recorded simply mins earlier than government allege the deadly pictures have been fired.

The day after Alex become fired from the company in early September 2021, Ball said, he learned that Alex have been shot and right now suspected it changed into an attempted suicide. “My first reaction became don’t tell me that jackass killed himself,” Ball said.

When Ball was knowledgeable that Alex informed authorities he’d been shot by means of an unknown assailant whilst converting a tire, he said, he didn’t trust Alex’s tale at all. When he got to the rural avenue in which the capturing took place, he stated the scene appeared suspicious and the auto’s tire seemed adore it had been deliberately slashed. “I stated, ‘I don’t purchase it,’” Ball recalled.

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